Quality problems caused by unreasonable installation of fire pump and its treatment

1. Centrifugal pump starts without water

The water is not filled with the suction pipe and the casing, and there is a large amount of air in the pump body; the suction pipe is upside down and there is a lot of air; when the selected pump head is lower than the actual required head, it shows that there is no water at the water point; When the pump shaft is higher than the water suction surface, if the water level of the suction tank is too low, the water may not be pumped up. If the water pump is not steered properly, ie, the direction of rotation of the motor and the direction of the arrow of the pump housing mark are not the same, no water phenomenon occurs. The reason is that after the pump is running, there is no water absorption, and the pressure gauge and vacuum gauge hands oscillate violently.

In order to avoid the above problem pump, when installing the suction pipe, it should be greater than or equal to O. The slope of 005 slopes toward the suction side of the pump and is connected to it by an eccentric taper. Check the leak and block; if the pump casing has trachoma, use soft lead to block the leak or replace the new pump casing. Open the irrigation valve and fill the suction pipe.

Quality problems caused by unreasonable installation of fire pump and its treatment

2. Water pump vibration is too large

After starting the water pump, the unit and the outlet pipe vibrate seriously, causing large noise and affecting normal operation. The main reason is that the anchor bolt of the pump is loose or the foundation is unstable; the pump shaft and the motor shaft are not the same; the impeller is not balanced; the unused outlet bracket is firmly fixed, etc. Caused by.

In order to prevent the above problems, the following points should be noted when installing the pump:

(1) Fasten the anchor bolts or add shock absorbers. The anchor bolt installation requirements are as follows:

1 The anchor bolt shall not exceed 10/1000 in verticality.

2 The bottom of the anchor bolt should not touch the hole bottom.

3 The distance between the anchor bolt and the hole wall should be greater than 15mm.

4 Grease and dirt embedded in the anchor bolts should be cleaned and the threaded part should be greased.

5 After tightening the nut, the bolt must be exposed 1.5 to 5 pitches.

6 After the secondary grouting reaches the strength, tighten the anchor bolts again.

(2) Adjust the axis of the pump and motor so that they are concentric or replace the bearings.

(3) Replace the unbalanced impeller, add a bracket (support), and fix the outlet pipe; or add a rubber soft connector.

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